Accuracy is Important

Accuracy is ImportantThe recoil of the weapon when fired, is very light, which is easier for those who are disabled or of small stature to use. Moreover, the AR-15 is ideal for many women instead of heeding Vice President Joe Biden’s advice. Joe Biden stated everyone should get a double barrel 12-gauge shotgun regardless of the harsh recoil. The fact that not everyone is capable of handling one is laughable. To further the ridiculousness of his assertions, he suggests people should fire wildly into the air when they hear the presence of an intruder, or fire through the door at an unknown target. The Vice President’s advice is extremely irresponsible. Additionally, he is unrealistic because falling projectiles may hurt someone. Shooting through a door at an unseen target is dangerous for obvious reasons, and a double barrel shotgun only holds two rounds, which leaves a person vulnerable to attack.

The low recoil of the AR-15 is an extremely accurate weapon, which is very important when engaging a hostile target. The shooter must know what is his or her target and what is behind a target at all times. The weapon’s accuracy reduces the likelihood of injury or death to bystanders while enabling the most vulnerable to effectively defend themselves against stronger, or multiple attackers.

Home Invasions

In the Seattle area where I lived for most of 2013, home invasions dramatically increased since the last recession started. The perpetrators worked in groups. I can’t remember the last time a home invasion involved less than 3 attackers, which is why the AR-15 with a 30 round detachable magazine is an effective defensive tool. The AR-15 allows those who would otherwise be victims to hold off, run off, or defeat a group of hostile people in their residence until police arrive. A handgun is a useful tool for defense but is not as effective as the media would suggest.

The best way to defend your home is with a semiautomatic rifle or shotgun.

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